Weed Eaters and Weed Trimming Safety

I remember when I first used a weed eater years ago when my dad let me help out with yard work. Hacking away at weeds, grass, and anything that got in the way was loads of fun jungle boys dispensary a 10-year-old, and even today as an adult I still enjoy using these fun machines!

Recently I bought myself one of the new Rayobi weed eaters……and I gotta say, I’m in love with this thing! It has all the power I could ever want, and makes all other weed eaters I’ve used look like toys in comparison. This bad boy has a twin string power head and makes weeds wish they were never born as dirt and rocks fly away in fear of the awesome power of this monster machine.

Speaking of flying debris, you will want to always make sure and use proper safety goggles whenever using a weed eater. Nothing kills the fun like getting smacked in the eye with a flying twig! I personally own some carhart glasses that not only protect my eyes, but make me look like a manly weed killing warrior!

Next on the list of proper safety gear is a good pair of tough boots combined with heavy duty jeans. When using a weed trimmer, especially a powerful one, all kinds of things go flying in all directions, so it’s wise to protect your legs and feet to avoid scratches and cuts. If a particularly heavy stone comes flying at you at high speed, you can still feel a little sting even with protection, but it’s much better than wearing shorts and getting a big gash in your leg.

Gloves aren’t necessarily required for proper safety, but personally, I like to use gloves for getting a good grip on the weed eater. Your hands are pretty far away from the business end of the weed eater, so as long as you know which end you’re supposed to hold on to, you should be safe. Feel free to use gloves though if you’re the “better safe than sorry” type however.

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