I Made a Wallet Or Two

I was telling you that a client asked me to make a wallet to match her xBag that my sister made from University of Kentucky fabric. I told her I would even though I had never made one before. I thought, how hard could it be? My sister Lynne sent me a pattern that was lam bang dai hoc . I made this small wallet from that pattern.

The wallet is made of rectangles that you top stitch the edge, add velcro (use seam ripper when you put the wrong part of the velcro on), layer, turn right side out and it is done.

It was super simple to make but it only measures 4 inches wide x 3 inches tall. It is a great size for holding credit cards and coin. I wasn’t sure my client wanted a wallet that small so I used the pattern and made a larger wallet. This time however, I decided to put in a coin holder with a closure and a window to hold a driver’s license.

Since I was working with a larger piece of material, I thought it would look nice to quilt the fabric with some batting. That would give the wallet a nicer look.

I stitched the blocks with decorative stitching, added velcro and a tab to the coin pocket, added a drivers license holder.

I ripped the drivers license holder out. The turning of the wallet from inside to right side, played havoc with the plastic. It was so bent you would not have been able to see a drivers license through it. I could have fixed that but the whole thing was not covered by the top cover when the wallet was closed. In fact, the coin holder was keeping the wallet from laying flat so I ripped that out too. My seam ripper got a good workout.

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