Best Poker Tools II – Poker Office 2

PokerOffice is the tracking software that I’ve used and preferred since it was first released. Although I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Poker Tracker, I believe the new features added to PokerOffice 2.0 make it a far superior product. And while both programs do essentially the same thing, PokerOffice 2.0 is far easier to get running right out of the box and includes many more features such as the ability to view opponents’ mucked hands. You also don’t have to worry about downloading hand histories and manipulating various add-on programs as you do with Poker Tracker making Poker Office much more user-friendly.

PokerOffice 2.0’s main selling point for me is the live game tracker with real time statistics. Not only will the program show you pot odds, outs, draw odds, and a host of other statistics right there on the table, it will give you accurate and detailed information on your opponents. It also auto rates your opponents play, adjusting in real time to show how much of a threat they are including providing such statistics as aggression, BB/100 hands, how often they defend their blinds, pre/post flop stats, and much more. The in-game overlay is a great Daftar AktifQQ in identifying fish and strong players.

My favorite addition to PokerOffice 2.0 is the ability to view opponents’ mucked hands. When I first upgraded to 2.0 I was blown away to see what people were calling my bet on the river with. It really is an eye opener.

Finally there is a hand replayer, that lets you view and show-off great hands!

PokerOffice 2.0 also has more graphs. A lot more! I won’t bore you with details, but needless to say you can filter your graphs based on everything from hand groupings to player aggression. There’s nearly an endless supply of statistics at your disposal ready to be manipulated and configured via graphs and charts for your tinkering pleasure.

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