Drop in Bed Liner – Protect Your Truck

A drop in bed liner is one fast and easy way to protect the finish on your truck bed. Without some kind of bed liner, you risk scratching and dinging your truck bed any time you haul any kind of load. Even something as simple as hauling groceries in your truck bed can cause scratches that eventually will lead to rust and corrosion. Heavy hauling jobs, like a few concrete blocks for example, are a sure road to ruin.

Your other choices for truck bed liners include rubber mats, carpet mats, spray on bed liners, or even do-it-yourself roll on bed liners. A drop in liner has several advantages when compared with other liners and some disadvantages as well.

Advantages Of Drop In Bed Liners

Custom made to fit your truck.
Very tough material able to stand up to toughest use.
Especially good for abrasive loads like concrete spray on bedliner.
Superior cushioning against dings and dents.
Looks good.
After hard use and damage can be easily replaced.
Relatively inexpensive.
Some liners will trap water underneath out of sight leading to possible rust.
A loose liner can move which may rub off paint from under the liner.
A poorly mounted liner can be blown out by wind.
Some liners are noisy in wind.
Most are just available in black color.
Not available for many older trucks.
A drop in liner is especially handy for very rough hauling. A heavy plastic liner protects from dents as well as scratching. An expensive spray on liner can be damaged by really rough hauling projects and then must be either repaired or left in rough shape. A drop in liner may not be damaged with very abrasive loads and even when it is badly damaged over a long time, it can easily be replaced, unlike the sprayed liner.

Another liner option is a multi-piece custom liner made to snap together in your bed. This usually consists of a bottom mat of heavy rubber with plastic snap together side pieces and a tailgate cover. This option has many of the same advantages of the drop in liner.

A drop in bed liner is surely an option you should consider for protecting your expensive truck bed.

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