Choosing the Best Pet Food For Your Dogs and Cats

Pets are excellent and trustworthy companions to be kept at home. They spread positive energy inside your home. Keeping them at home comes with a lot of responsibilities and they need to be taken care off just as you would care for an individual.

Of everything else that needs attention, food and feeding is one of the most important aspects in pet care. But the question feed dog often confuses pet owners is – what to feed? Some prefer giving human food to their pets while others buy packed pet food. But, which of this is the ideal food?

Let’s see what is the ideal food for dogs and cats.

Right Dog food:

Should you feed your dog with human food? Almost all dogs are ascendants from the wolf family which is a very carnivorous bunch. This means that meat should be a part of their diet. But this does not mean that human food is the best food for them. It is always advisable to find a good dog food product where the first ingredient is meat. WHen selecting a processed dog food you need to be sure that the meat content in the food is real meat and not some processed substitute. Human food is not appropriate for dogs because it is too greasy for them and can block their arteries. The digestive tracks in dogs are very sensitive. This makes them susceptible to diarrhea and upset stomachs, if you change their food. So sticking to a good dog food which is healthy is the best idea. You would also want to keep them on the same food. Frequent changes in their food can cause severe problems. If you feel the need to change their food, start by slowly integrating the new food with the old one until you finally have fully replaced the earlier food. An ideal period for this is about 2 -3 weeks. Fully grown dogs should ideally be fed once a day and at the same time everyday.

Right Cat Food:-

Cats are excellent hunters. They explore the surrounding area and will often find mice, birds, and other animals which are good source of proteina. Just as a dog needs a consistent diet, your cat too needs the same. Hence it is essential that you find a food that is rich in proteins. The digestive system in cats are also very sensitive. Hence finding the right food for them may be a bit difficult and might take a few tries.

The sign that their diet needs to be changed is a “smelly litter box”. This shows that they are not getting a proper diet. LIke in dogs you should integrate the new food with their old one over a period of 2-3 weeks until you gradually have changed their food totally. Milk is another requirement for cats as it contains essential vitamins. But processed milk can be too rich for them. You can find cat milk in pet stores these days which would be an ideal substitute. Occasionally feeding them a small piece of cheese can also be very good to fulfil their dietary needs, though it is always preferable to buy an appropriate cat food with all the ingredients. Pet stores also sell grass for indoor cats. This can help them get rid of hair-balls. Cats eat grass if they have an upset stomach as this grass allows them to rid themselves of the problem and can also help them cough up hairballs.

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