Should you Use Black Hat SEO?

Often there is a lot of talk about Black Hat SEO and white hat link building etc, but what do these terms really mean?

Well, to me, white hat represents:

Links from normal and reasonable promotion methods
while Black Hat SEO is trying to game the device and fool the search engines.

Our belief, that i have proved correct time and Black hat forum time again, that the most effective method of SEO is great content and plenty of it, is becoming more widely held, but people still think that they can create a poor site, back link the heck from the jawhorse and make a million. And then when they fail, they pin the consequence on the ‘evil’ search engines.

And then they complain when their rankings hit bottom, well before they’ve made a penny.

Often there is some doofus who believes that ANY link building at all is black hat, but this is evidently ridiculous.

No search engine, no matter how tyrannical, would expect someone to make a online business and not promote it. It’s the methods of promotion you use, that Google doesn’t like. Normal (and with any SEO discussion, this is opinion borne out by experience) link building includes:

Article Directory Marketing
Article Syndication
Video Marketing
Social media Promotion
This list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just giving you a taste of the difference between normal and underhanded marketing, which might consist of things like:

Blog commenting where the comments are spam
Forum profile links (many will not allow this, but it makes forum owners’ lives hell)
Playing on people’s isolation or compassion to tell them to fill out CPA offers
The list is endless. Pretty much most things can disadvantage someone else will be considered ‘black hat’.

While all is fair in love and war (and business) there’s an amazing reason to not have pleasure in Black Hat SEO and only use ‘white hat’ techniques.


You’re building a business here. You wouldn’t take up a company in actuality and only put enough facilities in place for it to last 18 months. Well, you don’t want to make websites that will plummet in the rankings once your links have been devalued or your site has been found out to be terrible or your method has a short shelf-life.

Please note this well. The vast majority of the time when people complain that Google has slapped their sites, it’s not true. It’s merely a combination of:

An unhealthy site
The QDF (quality demands freshness) paradigm that offers new sites and pages a temporary boost. Once this ends your rankings may fall, particularly when your site/page doesn’t offer value.
Sometimes it’s because of a new algorithm, but Google will never reprimand quality. That you will find stupid and it’s against everything they stand for.

Publish quality sites, write great and helpful content and promote yourself ethically and within Google’s guidelines and you will find that your sites maintain their high rankings.

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