Advanced Aluminum Profile Systems Available

When purchasing your Aluminum Profile system, it is important to use Aluminum Profile systems that represent the latest in technological progress. They are available and many have highly competitive prices.

What is an Aluminum Profile system?

Aluminum Profile systems are extruded shapes (tubing, bar stock, ways, fishing rods, ducts, channels, air supply systems, line holders, etc. ) made from aluminum. Extrusion is a aluminum profile manufacturer process by which different aluminum shapes are formed from a cylindrical hydraulic press. The press forces the aluminum through the die and the extruded aluminum results in the desire shape.

What is the of aluminum extrusions?

Patented in 1970, the extrusion process was used to make lead water lines. Lead, office assistant, iron, and steel have a for a longer time history than aluminum, which was first identified in 1807.

At first aluminum was considered more precious than gold. However, with the advent of the smelting process and the modern hot extrusion process in the 1880’s, it became extremely affordable. Aluminum, the metal most used for extrusion, is now able to be applied with both hot and cold extrusion processes.

What are the benefits of an Aluminum Profile system?

There are many reasons why an aluminum system is preferred over other tooling. One of the most important reasons are that it is not only affordable, but also durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant : and many of the components are reusable, thus lowering the cost.

Respected manufacturers of Aluminum Profile promise shortened lead times, which is vital to most customers. This is possible because fewer tools are necessary to produce the final product, the designs are simple, and no welding or painting is required.

These manufacturers usually have a large stock of shapes and finishes on hand. If a customer needs a shape different that what is normally carried, that shape can be custom-made.

What are the uses of Aluminum Profile systems?

After World War II, when aluminum extrusions were used in the manufacturing of airplane and other military uses, new uses were quickly found to be applicable for other industries. Aluminum extrusion is even used in the space industry.

If you do not know the uses of Aluminum Profile today, you might be surprised to know that they are used in computers, accessories, everyday household appliances, home furnishings and home design, power tools, and window frames.

In the world of manufacturing, aluminum systems are used in conveyor frames, accessories, construction, protective barriers, work tables, electrical components, work receptacles, car radiators, automobile body and frame components, drive shafts and tube liners, and in special and series machines.

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