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Fat burning foods that really work
Weight training – the key to burning fat fast
Best whole body fat loss exercises
Food combining for fat loss – does it work?
Why calorie counting is not the best long term option
What is the satiety list and does it work?
Curb your cravings
Eat cabohydrate supply, lose weight, really
Keeping a close eye on portion sizes
You can have your cake and eat it too, really
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Best whole body fat loss exercises

What are the best whole body exercises? And why are whole body exercises the best?

Given that they target more muscles than “isolation” exercises and therefore generate a higher metabolic and hormonal response. This is very important for losing fat, eventhough it doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Basically the more muscles you can target, the higher your bodies’ hormonal response will be. Also, you will have far more energy when you only focus on one exercise weightlossplr that targets seven different muscle tissues, as opposed seven exercises that target just one. By the end of your routine, you will be energy depleted and the last muscle tissues will suffer.

So what are the best exercises?

Squats, dead lifting and the standard press are the top three, given that they target the most different muscle tissues. There are many variants of them, but if you do merely focus on these three you should see some significant improvement. Many successful bodybuilders only do these so one of these don’t waste energy on meaningless exercises.

What’s the truth about failure training?

This is where you go until the point where you body cannot start a rep in good form. It often gets hyped as the ideal workout for losing fat. But does it surpass the hype?

In many instances it does not. Even as it does work at first, there is a lot of evidence to declare that it severely taxes the bodies’ nervous system and ultimately results in total burnout.

The other problem is that you are likewise not exercising muscle tissue if you can ,. You see, everyone of muscle tissue has a certain amount of fibers.
When you only do one set to failure, you are only exercising them one time. However, when you rest for two to five minutes between sets your fibers can easily handle another one.

Therefore by doing just one representative you are not working them as hard as you could be. When you do more than one set, you work your fibers more thoroughly.
But don’t forget to lift HEAVY weights.

Why? Because the body comprises of 2 kinds of muscle fibers—type 1 (endurance) and 2 (explosive). What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that your fast twitch or beyond expectations muscles (type 2) are the ones you must focus on for want fat loss. There’s only so much fat you can lose by exercising the endurance ones.

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