Jean Dull Costume s

Marvel and comic books like DC witty have given rise to superheroes and superheroines. X-Men series, for example, has seen many superheroes and superheroines, and Psylocke Elizabeth Betsy Braddock Cosplay Costume one such character is Jean Dull. The outstanding feature with one of these superheroes is that they each have a signature dress code or outfit that is specific to them and their style. This, therefore, helps fans associate and even takes part in dressing like their favorite superhero for various reasons, like superhero Costume play parties and such.

Jean Dull different Cosplay Costume s.

The character is now through some changes throughout the X men series regarding the supernatural capabilities and attire style. As discussed above, the type of Costume worn is a representation of their psychic powers. For example, during the split of the X men team to gold and blue side, Jean made an amazing change, donning in a gold team outfit that is still one of the most popular of her Costume s.

The other famous Costume is the one she used in the original X men movies where she had a yellow mask, red wig, yellow boots and gloves, a belt with an X buckle and a spandex body suit that was either blue or black; it often would change colors. This is one of the Costume s that is up to date loved by many Costume players worldwide.

Then came the more feminine Costume that is also loved by many, the Costume was changed to a cute green dress that man made her look sassy. Most of the other outfits like the yellow mask, gloves, and belt always been.

The Phoenix series Jean’s outfit appears as a significant part this Costume s art, there are Phoenix and dark phoenix outfits that differ in color and phoenix sizes. There is green outfit and a small golden bird at the very top in Phoenix, while in Dark Phoenix, the Costume is red, and the bird covers the top of chest. These dresses have long gold gloves and boots that are thigh high.

There are other Costume s like the Xfactor Costume s where she wore a green body suit that has an X across the upper side of the body, running from shoulder to shoulder. The yellow gloves and boots still are still on.


These are some of the many character Costume s of Jean Grey who has gone through tremendous changes all through. Make a decisive choice on the to purchase for your Costume play, by researching all the available Jean’s character outfits in the stores.

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