Why Are GIFs Important and How to Use them

GIFs are animated images that have existed for more than 25 years; but their use has become widespread within the last few 2-3 years. Many of us might be even making GIFs for Facebook and other social media or messaging platforms for personal use.

The good thing is that GIFs are easy to create and lighter than normal videos, so as to be shared with very low bandwidth and slow internet. However, these small, funny, catchy GIFs are one of the most effective social media marketing tools of the present time. The fact that funny chihuahua faces GIFs result in more than 100% increase in conversion rate and close to 110% increase in revenue, makes them your best option for social media marketers.

There are a number of reasons why GIFs are important. Let us have a look at some of them.

Audience activation: GIFs deliver the feeling and the message, that your audiences can relate to themselves. So, they watch them, share them with others with greater frequency. It has made them the new form of communication among users on all social media platforms.

Powerful and unique use of content: GIFs have shown us how simple and unique content can make a positive change. This is exactly what is ‘thinking different with content’. The audience gets fascinated and attracted towards new and unique ideas.

Easy to consume: GIFs are one of the most shared forms of message over the internet. The reason being they are less-resource intensive, easy to create and easy to consume. They just occupy a few kilobytes of space; hence people do not mind downloading and forwarding them.

Appealing than an image, but cheaper than video: GIFs are the best examples of how visual communication works. One does not have to put so much effort, creativity and cost to create them. They are more appealing than images, but much cost effective and easier than videos.

A perfect mix of text, audio and video: As a perfect medium of brand communication, GIFs offer the right proportion of text, images and videos. This enables it to supply the right message and establish right connection with the audience. Viewers listen to the brand’s message with interest.

Mobile-friendly: GIFs speak the internet’s language. They last for just a few seconds and they run on all devices and are appropriate for all screen sizes.

Because they are mobile friendly, their opening rate and sharing volume are high.
Creating GIFs is easy. There are technical software and apps that can easily convert images to GIFs. Even, many smart devices have the capability to directly record GIFs and share them instantly. But, it is important to use the right GIF for the right purpose, which is why you must seek assistance from an experienced digital marketing company who can help you deliver your message to your target audience in the right and the simplest way.

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