Dutch Charm and History in Arnhem, Netherlands

With a 2007 population of 143, 000, Arnhem is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, and is situated in the eastern area of the country. Arnhem is known marketing bureau arnhem for its parks and open spaces, and has in fact earned the reputation as a “green and pleasant city”.

Arnhem was their favorite spot for the Dutch elite in the 19th century, and thus became a scenic resort. The city sustained a serious amount of damage during World War II, but was painstakingly reconstructed and remains an attractive destination, with many historic buildings and plenty of adventures.

The city is centered around the old ingrown toenail market (Korenmarkt), which is where you would go to relax at a patio restaurant, find a fine destination to eat, or spend your worktime exploring the many interesting and diverse little shops down the lanes and alleyways off the main streets.

Arnhem is also famous for Burger’s Zoo, which is the largest and most popular in the Netherlands. It features various sections such as a rainforest, desert, mangrove, and even an underwater walk-through. The open air National Heritage Museum is just not in the city, and features historical buildings who were given the site from all over the Netherlands. Another site to see is the St Eusebius Church, where you can rise the rebuilt Tower system for panoramic views of the green city. And to enjoy the green part of Arnhem, visit Park Sonsbeek, which was previously a country real estate and now is the city’s largest and most popular park.

There are many other historical typical monuments and buildings worth touring in Arnhem, as well as the ground around the city, making Arnhem a worthwhile destination for any Eu tourist seeking a serving of Dutch charm and history.

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