The 3D PRINTING Industry Awards return for 2021!

Since we first announced the 3D PRINTING Industry Awards in 2016, our reader and industry-driven accolades have become a regular and well-loved feature on the component manufacturing schedule.

The 3D PRINTING Industry Awards was anxiously selected by the most informed people in component manufacturing – our readers. By this After all, the entire process is Einscan 3d scanner governed with what you tell us. Therefore, as created by the timetable at the end of the page, we select winners in two levels. First, we ask that you make nominations. From these nominations shortlists will be prepared, and in the second phase, readers political election upon the shortlists.

Such as previous years, the Awards are divided into categories. These categories are created to represent the broad amount of applications of 3D PRINTING, kids of technology used in our industry, and also to acknowledge the companies and folks that will make our industry such a fulfilling area to work in.

The 2021 3D PRINTING Industry Awards

Our hopes were high for an event last year, however it soon became apparent that the industry’s, and the world’s, priorities had a more critical focus. Being mindful of this, we would include any previously cast nominations and add them to the nominations for the 2021 Awards.

For the 2021 3D PRINTING Industry Awards we will be holding the case online. Really is endless this will give more people the opportunity to wait, especially given the international nature of the component manufacturing community.

The Awards will be live-streamed on our new Youtube route. Be sure to become a member of receive announcements.

Those who reach the prospect will be invited to a dedicated live surging route so winners can address the audience.

The 3D PRINTING Industry Awards Sponsors

We are exceptionally gracious to our sponsors. The beginning of this decade has been far from easy. The support given by AM Efforts, Protolabs, Marks & Clerk, 3ecruit, and TÜV SÜD has allowed this event to flourish and guaranteed that 3D PRINTING Industry is able to serve the component manufacturing community by providing high-quality information and news about our industry.

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