In the beginning there was social media

In the beginning there was social media

Social media is a friend where we can find friends and share the various types we want. Social media can also be a place to advertise products and offer products that we sell. It can be said that social media is never ending, it’s really cool. Of course, many are curious about the beginning of social media, right? I’m also curious, where did social media come from and since when has it existed?

Social media is a place where we can find information in all countries. It didn’t take long for the information to spread on every social media. It’s really fast, it doesn’t take long for social media to be able to provide news very quickly. Social media began to exist in the nineteenth century in an era where the internet was still not well known.

Starting to develop

Election411 – In that century there was still such a thing as a telegram where someone would send news or messages via telegram. The full presence of social media can be said in the ’95s. The year in which there was the internet. Since the internet came into existence there has been a genius who has created many websites.

It doesn’t take long to create social media. Because developments continue to advance and there are many sophisticated technologies. Social media undergoes what is called a metamorphosis. Changes from year to year make many experts present sophisticated social media with cool features. The media journey that was taken in 1997 until now is still the media that many people like.

Types of social media

Not a few people who play social media. There are so many types of social media that can make people addicted, such as:

easy and fast//many kinds

– Instagram

– Facebook

– You tube

– Whatsapps

– Line

– Twitter and many other types of social media that we can find

But did you know that in 1997 there was also a social media called sixdegree and classmates. The first social media that lasted only 2 years. Only certain groups can enter this media.

Change and progress

As culture advances, so do human resources. This is evident from the founders of today’s social media. Media that can be downloaded and played anytime and anywhere. Founders who have many advantages in each of their social media. When we look at the process of life, of course we are all amazed at the changes and progress.

Before the internet and social media we could only write and tell every incident to others by word of mouth. Now there is nothing – what is a little share, there is a share accident. There’s no stopping. There is still the most frequently used is communication. When we want to capture precious moments, it is now easier.

Spread wings

It’s really great the progress and development of technology. Only with an internet network or quota can provide many ways to access social media. This is in contrast to the old days, which only sent letters via the post office and sent news via telegram.

However, this is not a problem because somehow in the future many people will ask questions about how people communicated in the past. It is a historical record that proves that their ancestors also succeeded in developing their wings towards technological progress.