Live broadcast on Facebook

Live broadcast on Facebook

You can do live broadcasts on Facebook easily. Facebook is not just a medium of communication. As we know, Facebook has several interesting features. Besides being able to send messages, it turns out that Facebook can also broadcast news, either directly or not.

Almost the whole world uses Facebook in doing business and can also be used as a medium of knowledge. Maybe some of you have heard the word live. An event broadcast lives on the spot. Not to be left behind, Facebook can also do live broadcasts. There are many people who broadcast news and products that they sell using Facebook.

2 stages that you can choose

Election411 – Facebook live is a feature that broadcasts everything original without adding or subtracting anything. To be able to broadcast live, you can do 2 different stages. Doing live broadcasts on Facebook, you have to go through several stages that can make you interact and be heard by many people.

The first stage is that you can do a live broadcast on your Facebook page. To be able to broadcast live, you must have a lot of followers following you. If you don’t have followers, when you are life, no one will watch it. The more people who follow you, the more people will watch your broadcasts.

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Broadcast in groups

Not only that, but in the second stage, you can also do live broadcasts in the group that you follow. For ordinary people, they may not know that if you make a live broadcast in someone else’s group, you must first confirm with the admin. If you enter a group and go live, no one will watch you at all.

Each group has different rules. Usually, those who do live broadcasts in groups are mostly small entrepreneurs who offer their products. The group admin will give you a number of requirements that you must fulfill, only after that, you can broadcast directly without hindrance.

Using cell phones and computers

To broadcast live, you can use it via cellphone or computer and laptop. An easy and practical device without having to use other devices. Anyone can live stream via Facebook.