Online media

Online media

What is meant by online media is the suggestion of communicating with internet access either through an application or through a website. In OnlineMedia, of course, it is not only in the form of writing, but there are videos, pictures, and sound.

Media type

Election411 – The times are getting more sophisticated, of course, the types of online media that can connect anywhere, not just 1 but there are several types. The following are types of OnlineMedia

Of course, each of these online media has its advantages and disadvantages. But regardless of the advantages and disadvantages, it doesn’t make OnlineMedia users just disappear and go away. Precisely with various types of OnlineMedia, additional money seekers have a lot of sense.

Media benefits

can make people famous//application

Online media is very useful for users. But rarely does anyone realize what the functions and benefits of OnlineMedia are. Not often do people who have a lot of sense take advantage of OnlineMedia as additional income following the benefits of OnlineMedia
Additional income
Obviously, with social media, you can sell online or introduce products online so that many people buy them. Additional income is not just selling products but you can take the opportunity to become an online media artist.


Becoming a Selebgram is easy as long as you have strengths and can be a good creator. As a Selebgram, you can earn money from endorsements.

Knowledge increases

The more you know about OnlineMedia well, the more your knowledge will increase. And of course, it will be even easier for those of you who want to get more income value.

Having a wider networking network

If you want to have a lot of relationships then social media is perfect and it’s easy to find you with lots of relationships. With lots of relationships, you can upgrade yourself in making friends and upgrading in exploring knowledge.

All things have benefits for that you have to develop things that can make you more money from any result.