The positives and negatives of online media

The positives and negatives of online media

The positive and negative sides of online media can be seen from several unexpected factors. As you know, online media is the most important medium for doing many things. If there is no online media, all the activities we do seem like a dream. Therefore, online media has an important role in every activity. The positives and negatives of online media

Technology that continues to advance and develop makes many users grow. The most frequently used media is social media. An application that you can use to share things like funny photos, content, communication, and much more. The available social media are Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, and many more types.

Negative and positive

Election411 – Without us realizing that online media has helped us in many ways. Not only that, but online media also issued an online shop for us to shop and sell. Of course, many of you are wondering what are the positive and negative impacts of using online media.

Negative impact

Often used to cheat
Steal data
Mocking each other
Forget the time and much more

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Positive impact

Can communicate
Share stories
Create funny content
Can help make money
Shop online
Doing business online and much more


Of the two impacts, of course, you choose the positive side. Use media safely without having to do bad things. Online media can also be a medium that shares knowledge with its users. It’s no wonder that many people always use social media to find out.

Almost all media users make it as a money maker. Giving some funny stories and content makes the audience laugh and entertained. There is also some news that we can get easily through online media.