Types of social media and their functions

Types of social media and their functions

Year after year technology continues to develop. Many types of products are also evolving with the times. Don’t miss out on social media. Which always updates the system for the better. There are many types of social media that we can find in cyberspace. The arrival of social media can be used to communicate with friends personally and can also capture an event on social media. Each media has a different function and type. To get to know the types of social media and their functions, you can follow them here.

Those who already know about social media may not be confused anymore. Social media is a medium that can connect various information and can also communicate in cyberspace. There are many types of social media scattered around the world. It’s not just one or two people who use social media. But the whole world is already using social media.


Election411 – The presence of social media may be something that is very much in demand by lovers of the virtual world. The beginning existence of social media came from experts who presented the internet. Social media can only be accessed by the internet or quota and can be searched on the website. Social media can also be downloaded. Since the existence of smartphones, social media can be downloaded and played at any time.

Social media has many different functions and also provides many benefits for every social media usage such as:

Social media can also be a means of communication
Can socialize
Get information
Make friends from different countries
Get knowledge and direction
Can be used as a sales medium
Make Money

positive and negative impact//Media
Negative side

These benefits can help people use social media more and more. Benefits that provide many benefits for all. But social media also has a negative side that must be avoided, namely:
Forgetting the time
Addicted to playing social media
Frequent fraud
Spending quota
Got hacked
The users of social media certainly have experienced problems when using it. To prevent this from happening users must be careful and thorough. Social media is the most popular media among the people. As a user you also have to be careful with certain modes.

Types of social media

There are several types of social media that people may already know, such as:
The type of media that often appears in pictures and writing. Twitter is an online media that can upload a long post.Can get the latest news that is trending on Twitter media.
You tube
Generate multiple images. YouTube can also be an advertising medium. Many you tubers make a lot of money from the results of the channels and the content they create
The virtual world can be a medium that produces many images, videos, photos, and writings. Instagram can also invite us to socialize with other people. The most crowded thing again when you manage to get a lot of followers can be a celebrity artist
Social media has become the most widely used media by many people. Many often share on Facebook. Can find many friends from various countries and regions.
Applications that are the main media in communicating with many people. Since WhatsApp came, many people entered their cash numbers into this application. Can make video calls, and send pictures, files, and voice messages.
Media often presents various types of content and photos. Can mix music with Photos or Tik-Tok content.