Upload game video to youtube

Upload game video to youtube

Of course, many gamers feel proud of the heroes they have. Has strong skills and high attack power. This makes the game will give a lot of excitement and fun of its own. But have you ever thought about uploading video games to YouTube? With a sophisticated system, many types of technology have been successfully developed.

Maybe ordinary people who are curious about games can see some of the videos available in the game or can also browse the game using youtube. Curious about the type of game and how to play it makes many novice gamers look at some of the reviews and videos available on youtube.

2 types of devices

Election411 – Seeing the exciting and tense action makes gamers interested and immediately download the game. But without them realizing that playing games can also generate high income for the pockets of gamers. No wonder some gamers have been successful and established just by uploading their games on youtube.

There are 2 places to upload game videos on YouTube, namely:

  • upload using an android-based cellphone
  • using a computer or laptop

Some people don’t have a laptop or computer, so some upload using an Android-based cellphone. But it still does not make gamers despair. For reliable players, you don’t need to worry, you can directly upload the game process on YouTube. In contrast, new gamers have to find a lot of info to be able to upload their videos.

Here’s how to upload videos using a laptop or computer, namely;

A. download computer software
There are various types of software available on the computer. To be able to download the software we must know several types of uses and steps. The following are the names of the software on the computer, namely:

step to upload video//video
  • NVIDIA GeForce experience
    Only specifically on computers or laptops that have Nvidia GeForce Experience GPU devices only. When using the GPU, several types of options will appear after selecting you can use them directly by pressing the ALT+Z formula. The formula that is easy to remember and the most fun again on the system will allow us to choose what type of recording we want to record. Upload game video to youtube

OBS Studio
Software that is often used by streaming. Often used because the obs studio system offers a free recording system. Not only is it free but also provides some fun uses within the system. So gamers will be satisfied with the sophisticated system from obs studio. Election411

if your laptop or computer has entered Windows 10 then there is no need to download software anymore. Just pressing Windows+G will start recording the game.


If you want to play games and do live streaming, you can use a Gamecaster. This Gamecaster is the same as the OBS working system, there are only a few that are slightly different. From our Gamecaster, we will buy 2 options to choose whether to stream or just record. To download the Gamecaster we will not pay or the system is free.

AMD Radeon
If gamers have ever used an NVIDIA GPU, of course, it’s easy to use GPU ADM. In the software, there will be various types of features available to make multiple recordings. Gives excellent recording results.