What do novice YouTubers need to get a lot of people to watch?

What do novice YouTubers need to get a lot of people to watch?

Being a beginner YouTuber is not easy, if you are not patient, then your channel account that has been created will be in vain. There is nothing wrong if you are really going to become a youtuber then you should do the following tips. Following the method on YouTube is not a very difficult thing to do. The following is What do novice YouTubers need to get a lot of people to watch?

Youtube App

Election411 – Of course, the first is the YouTube application that must be prepared first. If you want to upload YouTube using your cellphone, then you also need the YouTube Studio application. There is nothing wrong if you use a computer as a medium to upload videos to YouTube. If through a computer, of course, you don’t need additional applications such as YouTube studio. Because YouTube itself, and YouTube Studio itself have been provided directly in the YouTube section.

Videos ready to be uploaded

If you are really ready to upload then you just need the right time to upload. For a minimum, the main video from YouTube is 10 minutes, while the YouTube short can be done at least 16 seconds. Election411 – When you are going to upload a video you have to know how long your video will take. Is it more than 1 minute or just 16 seconds? Because the size of each video will be different later. The video size on the main YouTube is in the form of landscape, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels wide. While the YouTube shorts video is at a width of 1080 x 1920 pixels.


After you upload your video to YouTube, it will take time. Therefore you can fill in the blanks by creating thumbnails. If you make thumbnails, don’t ever just make them. Because thumbnails are very influential on the appearance in order to attract the audience. Usually, if a video appears on the screen it is not interesting then readers and viewers are reluctant to open it.

set up video type//youtuber stages

If everything feels ready to be uploaded to YouTube, then you can immediately fill in all descriptions, keywords, tags, and so on so that viewers can easily find your YouTube account. And if your keyword has many searchers, your video will automatically be lifted and of course, many will search for or see the video you made. In making youtube videos you can use additional applications to edit videos or to create thumbnails.

Use all the correct descriptions, keywords, and tag lines so that all can be watched by all people in any country. For those of you who want to try uploading videos on novice YouTubers as much as possible, upload videos at least 1x a day, and even better if the videos you upload can be done every day. Because videos that update frequently indicate that the video is active and indirectly your video will rise by itself to the viewers’ homepage. It is also possible that your video is liked by many people so that you can get lots of subscribers. If you are still not sure then you can try it and you can also get payments from YouTube. Payments will be given when monetization is complete and will get additional payments from advertising and endorsement types.